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Local Listings Management is the process of establishing your shop online as a local service provider. From there dialing in your profiles, optimizing your presence and remaining consistent will all help your shop get found, stay found, and drive new customers. All these on-going efforts with listings on countless other websites, directories and search engines continues to support your Google My Business (GMB) profile, giving you the best chance to rank in the coveted Google Map Pack.
Listing Management

How We Help

The recipe is no secret, but where most fail is giving up too soon, or not staying consistent. Our Local Listing Management makes sure your shop is always optimizing for local search with a primary focus on your Google My Business listing.

Individual Approach

We develop a specific and tailored approach to your specific shop with regards to the current and available business listing profiles you have. Our experience and expertise gives your shop the best possible chance to succeed while continuing to grow your online presence via local listing profiles.

Modern Technologies

Our team utilizes the most current and advanced technologies for our clients. We know exactly how to optimize your local listing profiles, and how to get them performing their best, all to support your overall local presence in search results.

Honesty & Transparency

We pride ourselves on transparency, honesty and affordability. Our listing management strategy is simple and clear and we deliver you monthly reports on your overall listing performance as well as our progress on your program.
Listing Management
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What Is Local Listing Management

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Aside from your Google My Business profile, there are hundreds of other important business listing/directory websites. This includes, Yahoo, Yelp and many many more. Most of these websites allow you to add free profiles. These profiles all add to your overall digital footprint and help support your Google listing.

The problem is when all your listing profiles begin to fall out of date. Incorrect information such as phone numbers, services offered and more all create confusion about your business on the web. This confusion hurts your website and Google listing rankings in search results.

Maintaining these profiles and listings and keeping them up to date and accurate is of the most importance to your overall online presence and success.

Our advanced software will initially audit all of your listings, then create a full detailed report, and then our team can begin to work each listing individually to bring them up to spec, and continue to monitor them with our monthly reports.

Our Listing Management & Creation Service

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Listing Profiles

Our team starts by claiming all available business listing profiles you have. If you don’t have any of the major ones, we create them for you. Aside from the major profiles, we’ll continue to build more for you, ever increasing your digital footprint.


Name, Address, Phone, or NAP, refers to consistency. Having profiles isn’t enough. They need to all match & all be up to date to get the most local SEO value. We continue to work through all your listing profiles and make sure they are all up to date.


Most profiles allow you to insert business information, photos, videos and more. The stronger your profiles are, the more value they provide to your local SEO, further supporting your Google My Business listing in Google search results.

Monthly Reporting

We send monthly reports to keep you in the loop. The reports document crucial indicators such as total live and pending listings, as well we detailed information about the consistency and accuracy of those profiles all across the internet.

How Is Your Local Listing Presence?