Google Rank Tracking - Knowing Is Half The Battle

Understanding Your Performance Via Tracking

The primary indicator of online performance is understanding where your website, Google listings and more show up in search results. Rank tracking is the process of selecting the terms/phrases you want to appear for in search results, and tracking your position compared to your competition. Search engine results can change often and instantly, so real time continuous tracking provides insight to keeping your business showing up where it needs to.
Google Rank Tracking

How We Help

It doesn’t have to be hard. Our team knows the ins and outs of Google rank tracking and how to effectively choose valuable terms that relate to your business to track. From there we link those terms to our software and your website to keep a real time view on your position performance.

Individual Approach

We identify the most valuable terms to track based on your industry and your service goals. The terms relate to your most competitive and profitable services.

Modern Technologies

Our team utilizes the most current and advanced software to monitor your website in real time, letting us and you know exactly where your website ranks in Google search.

Honesty & Transparency

We pride ourselves on transparency, honesty and affordability. You receive monthly reports on your rank tracking terms and their relative positions in search results.
Google Position Tracking
Included In ALL Our Marketing Packages

Rank Tracking - The Nuts & Bolts

rank tracking

Rank tracking made simple. We identify your key terms and geographical targets. An example would be “Tint Shop” located in “Los Angeles”. We come up with a list of terms that the shop would want to show up for when a searcher does a search in Google. Examples of terms would be:

  • Tint Shop Los Angeles
  • Tint Shop Near Me
  • Window Tinting Los Angeles
  • Automotive Tinting Los Angeles
  • Car Tinting in Los Angeles

Next we plug your website, your Google Listing, and other business listings into the rank tracking software, along with the terms/key phrases. Our software then goes to work, finding out exactly where you rank for those terms. It continues to monitor your presence and generate monthly reports so you always know exactly where you land in search results.

Added Value for Deluxe Subscribers

Competitor Rank Tracking

Available for our Deluxe Package Subscribers… rank tracking of your competition. This is where our team takes rank tracking to the extreme. It is great to know exactly where you land in search results, but what’s awesome is knowing who is there with you. We identify your competition in search results, and provide a detailed report showing their placements as well.

This valuable information lets you know who your main competition is, and how they stack up directly against you and your performance. We include this rank tacking of your competitors against your website rankings, as well as how they fair against your Google My Business listing. Detailed report delivered monthly.

Geo-Grid Position Tracking

Available for our Deluxe Package Subscribers…Geo-Grid Rank Tracking. You can do a search for your business in Google, but your results will vary based on your location. Geo-Grid tracking software does multiple searches for the same phrase, but from different locations around your business. This allows you see to see how you rank near your business location, as well as how you rank when searched from the other side of the city.

Our Google Rank Tracking Process

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Identifying Terms

We come up with a list of terms that your shop would want to show up for when a searcher does a search in Google. These are called your “Money Terms”, because they drive cash to your business.

Integration to Software

We then plug your website, your Google Listing, and your other important business listings (Yelp, Yahoo….) into the rank tracking software, along with the terms/key phrases (Money Terms).

Monthly Reporting

We send monthly reports to keep you in the loop. The report includes your position in Google, Google Maps, Google Mobile, *as well as your competitors Rankings (Deluxe Subscribers Only)*

How Are Your Rankings In Google?