Fully Managed WordPress For The Automotive Industry

...And You Heard From A Customer

Ever wish that there was a company that kept an unprecedented close eye on your WordPress website? Someone who checked daily for updates, security patches, page load speed and that the website was actually up? Look no further.

There is nothing worse than not knowing about issues with your website and then hearing about them from someone else. It is not only frustrating, it can hurt your professional image. Even worse, how many people simply continued a search and found someone else to do business with?

The problem is that you don’t have time to check your website daily to make sure it is up to date with software, loading fast and complete as well as checking it all day long to ensure it’s available for potential and current clients.

How We Help

It doesn’t have to be hard. Our team knows the ins and outs of websites and how to manage and keep them running smooth. We have the most up to date and premium software’s to hook your website up and have piece of mind right away.

Individual Approach

We develop a specific and tailored approach to your specific shop. Our experience and expertise makes sure your website is in the best hands available.

Modern Technologies

Our team utilizes the most current and advanced technologies for our clients. We know exactly how to keep your website up to date and secure, at all times.

Honesty & Transparency

We pride ourselves on transparency, honesty and affordability. We send monthly reports that detail all the website management work complete, including software updates, security overviews and more.
Website Management
Included In ALL Our Marketing Packages

What Is Full Service Website Management


Websites are complicated digital assets. Many sites run an average of 10-15 separate software’s to keep functionality and design running smooth. Aside from that, a website needs security and software updates to keep it safe, and speed tests to make sure its running fast.

Even further, you want monitoring to make sure the website is always up and ready for visitors and most importantly is consistent backups of the entire website being ran incase of unforeseen failure or loss.

Full service website management is the task of checking these elements, and addressing anything that needs to be done to keep your website up and running. Do not confuse management with website hosting. A hosting company simply stores your website files, a management service completes all these tasks to make sure the website is ALWAYS up to date and running at its peak.

Everyday We Do The Following:

Plugin Updates

WordPress websites run on 3rd party software applications called “Plugins”. Some plugins need updates as often as 4-5 times a month and that can lead to compatibility issues. We check your plugins each day to ensure they are up to date, and not interfering with the functionality of your website.

Comment Moderation

You work hard on your website content and it can quickly come under attack of spam and harmful comments. We immediately moderate your comments, publish good ones, trash spam ones so visitors aren’t distracted by clutter on your website.

File Scanning

WordPress, being one of the most used website CMS is a target to hackers and spam bots. We scan your website files and code to make sure that it is safe and secure. If vulnerabilities are compromised, we can restore a previous clean version of your website until plugins or vulnerabilities are patched.

Off-Site Backups

The best way to protect your website is with off-site backups. Many hosting providers will offer backups, but if they are stored on the same server, and its compromised you could lose it all. We take daily website backups and store them off-site for easy one click restorations.

Up-Time Monitoring

There are over 43,000 minutes in a month & visitors come to your website at all times. Most hosting providers guarantee a 99.99% up-time, but they wont tell you when your site is down. We ping your website every few minutes to make sure its up, & if not, we work to find out why & get it back up.

Page Speed Testing

Website load time is important for a good user experience, but also for search engine rankings. Caching, image optimization, compression and asset optimization are a few things we do to get your website as fast as possible. From there we run daily tests to monitor page speed.

Our Managed WordPress Service

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Website Software

We install our premium monitoring and management software on your website. This will allow for a direct connection to our monitoring management software dashboard.

Integration to Software

Our team syncs your website into our management software. From here we are able to monitor all your website vitals in real time and get alerts immediately of anything needing attention.

Monthly Reporting

We send monthly reports to keep you in the loop. The reports document crucial indicators such as security overviews, uptime performance and ping time and more.