Complete Custom Website Build

Starting from the foundation, each and every element was hand selected and customized for the final design of the website.

Mobile First Design

A complete dedication to ensuring all mobile visitors would receive the most comprehensive and functioning design.

Fully Integrated E-Commerce Store

A complete e-commerce store within the website to promote and sell official brand merchandise.


A fully documented and cataloged digital archive of a 60+ year career. Each entry with descriptions, images, videos and more…

Entry Descriptions
Photo Galleries
Embedded Videos
Chronologically Displayed


Fully integrated, and website executed online store. Customers can shop products in various categories, add items to cart, bundle items for discounts as well as check out seamlessly on the website.

Transactional emails to customers confirm orders, processing times as well as shipping and tracking number confirmations.

  • Fully integrated online store
  • Simple “one click” checkout
  • Instant payment capturing
  • Transactional emails to customers